non-frequency politics is not fuzzy, but ba(BB)el-logic, non-frequency politics is pure machinism, is -non-music-non-stop-. the medium is sound, which belongs to no order of musicnotes or marks. the order of letter is zeroed in quantum, wave and frequency. sound catapults the body into dimensions, where they have forgotten their names, which they have to be. non-frequency politics is nietzschean. sound deletes the dialectics of language and territory, which makes the human to domestic animals of language. non-frequency politics is non-human. non-frequency politics is comic war, which puts to rout the mathem of economy. non-frequency politics as (though) frequency politics, is becoming the becoming brain. it is a dedekind operation. non-frequency politics is the acceleration of the operators of semiotic events in seperate sectors of action, for leaving special territories with the non-subscribed hyper-space-speed of deterritorialisation. frequency politics descends from the gender of apostatized apphallenen: we are adrenal people. non-frequency politics is the neo ghost dance of high frequency trading. it destroys the frequentiell implication, but non-frequency-politics doesn`t care about absolut contingency (meillassoux), rather it surpasses the undulatorism of the quantum. non-frequency politics it is the dance through the ritornell, which intense middle is the trommel. non-frequency-politics is the tracing of the rhythmicity of rhythm in the dancing-in-rhythm: it says always: TIC-TOC- fuck the clock! non-frequency-politics is not a waste, rather it is the ab-ject, which is the a-phallem, what ab-phällt has its appearance in the real. because the phallus marks the case “ist”, the phallus pastes everything, everything, what is the phall. the phallus forgets the insularity of the real. non-frequency-politics knows this, therefore phällt sie ab, according to the real. i.e. non-frequency-politics is from the radical ecology of rhythm, and this radical ecology forms the non-musical unilateral rudiment. es phällt ab, what is not the case. (non-frequency-politics fucks and fucks the system with the same insistency as the lunger is fucked by his cough. because non-frequency-politics is cosmic it beats off the system in the ozone. non-frequency-politics is the materialisation of a real outside -and always think: tic-toc-fuck the clock. non-frequency politics countermands the inscription of the differenziant value, which is the prevalence of money in all his registers, semiotic value or the beats of the significant, which counts the tic-tac of the beating difference as price. punctuated production time of the code is inscribed in the body of music. non-frequency-politics knows this and therefore strikes from samples to pulse-rhythmights (JF) through an anticausal method of percussive catenation, which steps out of the rituell field of the clockban. non-frequency-politics is the supertrace, is flow an sich or the quantum. the generators of non-frequency-politics are oversweeping the beat of the significant “ding dong ding dong.” non-frequency-politics presents instead of a truth, which has its telos in white silence of a full speaking, in which even the real is countable, a incestuous con-junction of principle of superstitition (immanence of one-in-one) and non-commutativity. waves traverse themselves, cross themselves in the speed of their in-rhythm-in-rhythm. non-frequency-politics always follows a devenir NIGGER. non-frequency-politics takes ernst blochs category “front” to heart: the foremost phase of time, in which we exist as-lived. “attention i was trained to run line and to selflessly face the front-”patti smith. non-frequency-politics constructs according to the real from the particles of flows the war machines, which barrage called SOUND carry the comic-warriors in a field of de-centered implosions. comic-warriors never forget the golden imperativ: Tic-toc-fuck the clock. non-frequency-politics delivers speed to the machines of sound, while music-anal-ysis gives the tranquilizer. the structural revolution of value has its limit at the reproduction of labour force, not as a normative opposition against exploitation, but as the impact of the body into the infinite productivity of the significant of value. non-frequency-politics knows this, but instead of proposing a new musicology or a new voluntarism, it strikes the differentness of music itself. this is the denial-in-practice-of the linarity of scripture, which cannot be divided from its virtuality. therefore scripture or the production of signs can be infinite, but the actualisation of the significance of value not. the capacity of consumption would have to be infinite too. paradoxically the code of capitalism for this is scarcity. deleuze knows this and says, we don`t consume too much, but not enough. non-frequency-politics knows this, therefore scripture is “lifted” into a new territorium, which has its ritornell in the breák or analytical cut, which opens for the differänt sukzession of the event and its speed. “this break is the subordination of the non-musical composition to the ecological anticause, the hearing-in-Rhythm …” (Jarrod Fowler) and when you hear-in-rhythm-you-are-the-comic- warriors-with-its-golden-imperative-in-the-last-instance: tic-toc-fuck the clock. non-frequency-politics knows, that mathems are not gods. it is the breath of god, which animates the holy scripture, and its transformation into the mathem delivers the chanelled surplus-value. delete from PNEUMA, which opens the stream of breath, the P, and you get NEUMA, signification of the tone-sign, which tells you, that something is missing and insists somewhere else. NEUMA proposes the medium of the sounding. this is the gap, in which kittler starts his intervention. non-frequency-politics knows this, knows, when the mega-imperialism of the binary code starts. sound is form now on connected to audio, the mathem inscribed into the technological dispositive of production and reception of sound. This is the field of non-frequency politics II: “However, Non-musicology does not become science, but rather a heresy within the faith of music. Crucially, this non-science of music is not anti-music, but is a mutation of traditional beliefs and practices. Although Non-musicology is critical of musical doctrine, Non-musicology does not goad the absolute destruction of music, but strikes some unknown invention of music. The program of Non-musicology is to use musicology to construct alien theories without those theories being yielded by the Principle of Musical Sufficiency: “All is not musical, this is our news”. (Jarrod Fowler) capital is realising its existence in the mirrors of semiotic-economic inscription and disappears, if the inscriptions will be destroyed. non-frequency-ploitics knows this, therefore is not relegating, but operating. Non-frequency-politics operates as a specific shift with the real. the results are cosmopolitic time-packages or rudiments, i.e. quantums. “These rudiments are said by non-musicologists to form a mixture of exology and ecology. This mixture allows for the rudiments to shift back and forth between one another, causing all sorts of confusions and allowing for the ‘infinite task’ of music to continue, endlessly mixing and remixing the rudiments of rhythmights. By making the rudiments of these rhythmights equivalent in their relationship to Rhythm, non-musicology breaks the rudiments from their mixture, and uses the rudiments indifferent from the musical structure.” (Jarrod Fowler) capital is realising its existence in the mirrors of semiotic-economic inscription and disappears, if the inscriptions will be destroyed. non-frequency-politics knows this, therefore is not relegating, but operating. Non-frequency-politics operates as a specific shift with the real. the results are cosmopolitic time-packages or rudiments, i.e. quantums: “a non-musicology that has finally broken with the Principle of Musical Sufficiency, no longer starting from a third position (as the musician gazing in the mirror), but putting the method of non-musicology to use on a number of regional discourses that are also troubled by the structure of various forms of interaction between ecology and exology.” (Jarrod Fowler) but more than this, non-frequency-politics on level 6 is the uplifting of level 5, it sitiuated in-between absolut dead and absolut alive, non-frequency-politics is operating on the edge of the real, which is the hyper-real. the operative function of this is silence, silence to all this riduculous pop-noise, which is more or less a function of semiotic capital. this is silence as strategy, which includes revolutionary tactics, wich is in-practice for the process of lifting, not only as an upliftung set, but as the EXIT itself. The is the second, where the comic-warriors get MUTANTS in open space. The lift introduces into full speaking / revolution, in which “eigentlich” silence is possible. The comic warrior with his golden imperative “tic-toc-fuck the clock” is transformed to the space-warrior which says: Good bye, good bye clock, good bye capitalism. a rhythmight is the non-musicological term for non-frequency-politics. rhythmight is irregularly clicked music. non-frequency-politics works with the click, which is an inherent stress that falls on certain beats; when non-frequency-politics is listening to the clock, it hears “tic – toc – fuck the clock” instead of “tik – tik” because it knows, that every other beat has to be stressed. this repeating stress is the click -clock and in music, different sorts of pulses can be brought about by grouping beats together in different patterns. this is another hotspot, when laruelle speaks about a dispersive apriori. the relation to non-frequency-politics is quite easy: the relation between the speed of waves and the maxima of intensity of different waves is the dispersion, which cannot decided in a aleatoric vein. the operation of frequency politics would now organize the foundation of deterritorialised sound-events in the One of a basic oscillation. this is exactly the apriori of capital: this is the process in which the virtual of value is actualised through infinite arrestor, which includes even not all singular capitals, because they don`t buy and sell in one rhythm. this process of actualisation is dispersive. but at the same time its the process of the arrestor of the semiotic mathem of economy, which means a stop of the semiotice tempo, a castration of the dispersive. non-frequency-plolitics knows this and changes its tactics: it starts with politics of simulation of tuning, as if the process of the transient oscillation into basic oscillation would start, which is in real the oscillation of the drones. the drones carry the trace of rauschen, which is the dispersive per se. now it looks like, that non-frequency-politics would be nothing else as a re-invention of dantes “bordun”: the ritornell of the bird is accompanied with the rauschen of the wood not as limit, but as hearing rhythm via an interaction with hearing-in-rhythm ocean..this is the overwhooshing of the super-trace of differänce, as its significant stands the tower, the grey. nfp knows this and builds another tower just round the corner, but which is a kind focussed gradient connected to the continuum of the ocean and spreads his generators as seeds of terror into the order of semotic mathem of capital —bumm.


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